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2 09 2011

I just think that this web site is fantastic!!!

6 09 2011
Jura Nanuk

Thank you Istvan!

4 01 2013
Kristina Kaine

Hello Jura, Do you know who owns that image of buddha under the bodhi tree? I would like to use it on the cover of my Kindle book about Buddha’s Eightfold in the gospel of St John.

4 01 2013
Jura Nanuk

Hello Kristina,

Blue picture of Buddha used to illustrate the story ‘Bodhi Day, the day when Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment’ comes from a movie which you can find here:

The other picture of Buddha we used is a batik painting sold by many India shops. Not sure who, if anybody, owns the copyrights.

Wish you lot of success with you book.

Best regards,

Jura Nanuk

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